Dog Theft Prevention Advice

With the recent increase in dog thefts, are you concerned about the safety of your dogs? Would you like to know how to keep them safe at home? In public? What to do in the event that they go missing or are stolen?

Sian Smith with Barnaby

Former Police Officer of 20 years and owner of multi-award winning Millin Brook Luxury Dog Boarding in Pembrokeshire, Sian Smith is all too aware of the growing worries amongst the dog owning population regarding the alarming increase in dog theft and is here to help!

Here are my top tips for keeping your dogs safe in your home environment:

Here’s my advice for when you’re out and about with your dogs in public:

And finally, what to do in the worst case scenario if your dog goes missing or is stolen:

I hope you have found my top tips helpful!?! #KeepYourDogsSafe

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